Disposable Mask Filters - 50 Pack

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Upgrade your cotton mask with this 50 pack of high-quality meltblown disposable filters made in Canada by Air Upgrade(AU+).

Health Canada has recently recommended adding a third layer to cotton masks. These melt blown filters can be inserted in the pocket of your cotton mask and should be replaced daily.

Do not wash the filters and once you are ready to dispose of them, wash your hands after handling the used mask. Filters should be stored in a plastic zip lock bag to maintain their effectiveness. Each pack contains 50 filters. Made in Canada

3 steps to upgrade your cloth mask

  1. Use AU+ filters in your cloth mask.
  2. Use the existing pocket of your cloth mask.*
  3. Change your AU+ filter in your cloth mask daily.

*all that should be between you and the air is the two pieces of cloth on each side of the filter.

It’s going to be easier to breath with the AU+ filter than with any other material found between those two pieces of cloth.

For more information about these filters please visit the following link:

Masks and filters are personal use items and due to hygiene concerns they cannot be refunded, returned, or exchanged for any reason. Thanks for your understanding!