Posted by Carla D'Angelo on 20th Nov 2016

AYA Artist Corrine Hunt Celebrated by Province and Premier

I am so pleased to share in celebrating the recognition that our AYA featured artist Corrine Hunt has received for the beautiful artwork she brings to our communities and homes. This year, Corrine was among five First Nations artists to be awarded the BC Creative Achievement Award for First Nations Art. She is so deserving of this honour.

Corrine Hunt

When I first met Corrine, all it took was a brief encounter for me to know that she had something special. Corrine’s fresh blend of contemporary and traditional art was brilliant, but it was something much more that resonated with me. I had met with other potential collaborators that seemed only interested in the business side of things, and it was Corrine’s intrinsic desire to make a difference that connected me to her. She fit so well with AYA’s vision.

Whether it be in a large installation, an eco-conscious line of furniture, or the delicate frame of a pair of reading glasses, Corrine finds a way to beautifully reflect the themes and traditions of her First Nations Kwakiutl and Tlingit heritage. As co-designer of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Medals, most of the world has already had a taste of Corrine’s talent, immortalized in bronze, silver, and gold.

2010 Olympic Medals

Corrine’s artistic contribution to our brand has helped AYA become the first company to infuse traditional First Nations art with modern eyewear and accessories. The first AYA series represents the natural beauty of our land and animals. Our frames are etched with artwork depicting images of the eagle, the raven, the wolf, and many other animals and symbols that are prevalent in First Nations Art.

Kayla Optical

AYA  Kayla Optical frame with Harmony Design by Corrine Hunt

I attended the 10th annual celebration of the BC Creative Achievement Award for First Nations Art on November 15th in Vancouver, where all the artists were honoured for their outstanding contributions to Canadian art and culture. I was so happy to be there to support such a genuine, talented friend. Congratulations Corrine!

2016 BC Achievement Recipients


Visit here to learn more about this award and the BC Achievement Foundation.